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The Fog in the Hollow

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

For many years I took fantastic, memorable trips to some of the most scenic roads in the country with my motorcycling friends. Some of these roads are in the vicinity of what is called the Tail of the Dragon near the Blue Ridge Parkway in Tennessee and North Carolina, in the Great Smokey Mountains.

We’d stay in a beautiful house in Townsend, Tennessee at the top of the Smokies where we would have a fantastic, panoramic view of the range. One night a powerful storm erupted overhead with deafening thunder and pounding rain. The next morning, we were treated to the sight of the fog and mist in the hollows, rising up to the storm clouds, which rained back down upon the low areas in the hills in a circular manner. I watched from above, and the idea for this song came.

The Smokey Mountain Range seen from above in Townsend, Tennessee.

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