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December 32nd Lyrics
If you click the "musical note" icon in the player on the home page, you should be able to access the lyrics while the song is playing. All lyrics can be found below, with the musician credits for each song.

Goes So Fast

Dave Solo- Acoustic Guitar, Vocals/ Dave ‘Bud’ Budzinski-Electric Guitars/ Donn Deniston- Drums/ Dave Roof- Bass/ Ellie Cruze- Vocals

Objects in the mirror are nearer than they appear, now
We hold these things to be true –
Been behind the wheel for many, many years now
I got a message for you
You know it goes so fast –
There ain’t no way to make it last
By the time you try to grasp it,
Life’s already lapsed into the past.
I met my lover blazin’ in that California weather
Teens on the beach, we decided we would stay together
Our friends and family thought it was a travesty, but
They got accustomed to it over half a century
I rode my motorcycle home from campus at Sonoma
Some bastard ran me over, tried to leave me in a coma
I learned a lesson on that ambulance run…
Tomorrow’s not a promise life will make to anyone
He drove away so fast – He left me limpin’ in a cast
I wonder if he ever got free from the shitty Karma he amassed?
I couldn’t help but notice we had started having children
So proud of how they have grown –
We did our best to raise them, guess we managed not to kill them,
Now they’ve got kids of their own

December 32nd

Dave Solo- Guitar, Vocals/ Sara Gibson- Cello/ Dave Roof-Piano

I see this crowd is getting restive
On this festive Winter night
Waiting for that crystal ball to fall,
Tell us when we’ve crossed the line.
So we’re burning up our patience
In an alcoholic haze
We’re sharing the hallucination
That our lives are ‘bout to change.
Cause we feel we’ve crossed the boundary
Now our fortune’s gonna turn
It’s a righteous New Year’s Celebration as far as we’re concerned.
But sitting shrouded in the shadows
I see an old man raise his glass
Remembering his friends and loved ones
Living only in his past.
The celebration is for others,
His only wish is to return
It’s just December thirty-second as far as he’s concerned
A worried waitress clears his table
A second shift without complaint
She’s wondering whether she’ll be able
To face the years that still remain
For the future burns the brightest
For those whose present is assured
It’s just December thirty-second as far as she’s concerned

Get My Price

Dave Solo- Guitar, Vocals, Percussion/ Dave Roof- Standup Bass/ Dave Falk-Dobro/ Mallory Wayt-Vocals

As I wander through this country like a fool in a trance,
Watching cruel men grow fearless and their fortunes advance,
As their hatred and oppression spreads like oil upon the land,
I see no one there to stop them, no one to spoil their plans.
I was always raised to love that which is right and is true,
But these hypocrites are wrapped in flags, sitting in the pews
Tell me, when will their consequences finally accrue?
Their divine intervention’s overdue.
Gonna sell my soul at auction, gonna polish it nice
Make a fictitious history from plausible lies
Do I hear any offers? Going once, going twice,
Going down when I finally get my price,
get my price, get my price.
You ask me, what does it benefit a man should he gain
All the things he could imagine, if no soul in him remains?
But it’s the absence of a conscience that I’m hoping to attain,
Till the day when all their work goes up in flames.
In the end, when it finally comes should I then regret
Having squandered my birthright for a desperate bet?
Should I fear the judgment coming if I fail in my quest?
I’ve been looking for those scales of justice, but I ain’t seen them yet.

Diminution (as the boom rolls away)

Dave Solo- Acoustic Guitars, Electric 12-String, Vocals/ Dave Roof-Bass, Keys/ Donn Deniston-Drums/ Mallory Wayt, Vocals/ Rod Johnson, Vocals/ Mike Gentry-Electric Guitar

There came a boom from a darkened room
Light reflecting on the silver spoons of the chosen, within the explosion.
They were fed upon the fatted calf
Not a pebble ever placed in their path to impede them –
But no one could lead them.
Sound and fury finish, as the Boom diminishes
They pledged allegiance and they said their prayers
They hid from missiles under tables and chairs in the classroom,
Pinned moths in a glass tomb.
And leaders came proclaiming justice and peace,
Assassinations made their voices cease –
Just a lesson, the price of dissension.
Sound and fury finish, as the Boom diminishes
What the hell did you think they would do?
You set ‘em up, then you turned them loose on creation, your civilization.
They thought their music and their two-fingered sign
Would change the world in just a moment of time, but deflated
They became what they hated.
Now they’re all just doing their best,
Playing for whatever time will be left of existence –
Just part of the system.
Sound and fury finish, as the Boom diminishes / Diminution holds sway, as the Boom rolls away.


The Fog In The Hollow

Dave Solo-Guitars, Vocals/ Donn Deniston-Drums/ Dave Roof-Bass/ Mallory Wayt-Vocals

The fog in the hollow was borne on the storm,
That screamed like a demon enraged
Flashing and crashing the clouds took the form
Of an army forever engaged, ever engaged.
The fog in the hollow descends through the trees
Clinging with fingers of bone
Hangs like a flag as it drags through the leaves
Stinking of soil and stone, soil and stone.
From above it appears as a glorious sight
Below the light is broken and stained
The tears of the people bleed into the sky
Which feeds them with more of the same, more of the same
The fog in the hollow as old as the range
A spirit that yields to none
Come on with your light and your laws and your change
It's over before it's begun, 'fore it's begun.



Another Direction
For my Cousin, Mitch Aronson (1951-2017)

Dave Solo-Guitars, Vocals/ Donn Deniston-Drums/ Dave Roof-Bass, Keys/ Mallory Wayt-Vocals


I followed you when we were kids
Tried to do the things you did
I never could catch you, you were too far ahead
Now it seems that you've taken another direction again
From dirty jokes to model cars
To snitching smokes and first guitars
And fishing with Grandpa on those rivers and lakes
Now it seems you've discovered a different direction to take
A homemade kite, with miles of string
Pulling for freedom, like a living thing
Peril awaited if you reeled it back
Was it better to let it slip from your grasp?
Now I spend my days telling inanimate objects
To get out of my way, though I know it’s impossible
I’m holding on to the past, still rolling forward somehow,
And I see that you've taken another direction for now
Yes, I know that you’ve taken another direction for now.


Dave Solo-Guitars, Vocals/ Donn Deniston-Drums/ Dave Roof-Bass/ Mallory Wayt-Vocals

Life is a mystery, I'm running out of time to solve it
The stream of history keeps racing through,
Dissolving all the clues
And every trace of the truth
It's like a smorgasbord of
Mythologic mumbo-jumbo,
Mendacious gumbo on a plate
From which they make us choose and chew
And it don't taste like the truth
And there’s that question which
Consumes me, like a constant itch
Do they believe the lies they spread?
Or is this their intent:
The structure of the truth gets bent
To bring it crashing to an end?
I'm asking for a friend....
You say the merit of your case is evident and real,
I wonder why you want to
Lie and cheat and steal to get it through
Without the grace of the truth?
If there's a lesson here I'm sure I failed to apprehend it
If it’s a message, I don't even know who I would send it to –
You’ve left no space for the truth
And there’s that question which
Consumes me, like a constant itch
Do they believe the things they say?
Or is it that they're trying
To recruit us through their lying
To put their virtue on display
Without the truth in the way?
(Repeat Verse 1)

The Ride

Dave Solo 12-String, Norton Commando, Vocals/ Donn Deniston-Drums/ Dave Roof-Bass, Vocals/ Mike Gentry-Electric Guitars

The sun is up, the day’s begun
Extensive preparations done
My gloves are on, the visor’s down
And sudden thunder shakes the town
There’s not a single cloud up in the sky –
Exuberance is justified, it’s just anticipation of the ride.
Leaning till my footpegs scrape
I’m flying low without a cape
In close formation with my friends,
Strafing corners, curves and bends
The twisty mysteries must be untied!
Flashing through the countryside,
Reaching for the apex of the ride.
Don’t know how I’ll possibly describe,
Better ones than me have often tried
Metaphysicality aside,
Machine and human being so unified
It doesn’t matter where we go
A scenic journey, long and slow
Or tape the lights and trailer down,
A racetrack date on hallowed ground
We’ll bend our knees and worship when they slide
Brake so late we’ll see the light
Reflecting the perfection of the ride.
I really can’t ignore the trend,
I know that someday this will end
A final ride when worlds collide,

Or if I lose my way inside
Play this song for me and try to light
A memory to make me smile,
Of every friend and bike and mile
And help me power through the other side –
In pure appreciation of the ride.

Like A Simile

Dave Solo, Guitars, Vocals/ Ellie Cruze-Vocals/ Donn Deniston-Drums/ Dave Roof-Bass, Percussion


You’re just like something that I think that I would like a lot,
A Lamborghini in a big deserted parking lot
I’d like to smoke your tires till the cords show through!
I guess I gotta find a better simile for you…
You’re like a medicine I need to take to stay alive
But some investor bought the company, now the price is high
I can’t afford to hoard it like I used to do
And I’m still looking for a better simile for you
There’s nothing that I can compare you to,
I’m failing ‘cause I’m being fair to you
(I swear it’s true)
You’re like a preposition that I end a sentence with
I kinda like the emphasis that that construction gives
It’s the completest, annoys elitists too…
And I’m still looking for a better a better simile for you
You’re like a melody that’s rumbling round inside my head
From when I stumble out until I tumble into bed
I heard it in a dream and now it’s coming true
I think I finally found a better simile for you!

Rainbow Tiger in the Rain

Dave Solo-Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Percussion/ Mallory Wayt-Vocals/ Mike Gentry-Toy Piano/ Dave Roof- Trumpet, Autoharp/ Chloe and Hannah Collins, Audrey and Leo Patterson, Kai and
Emma Solo, Vocals

She moves her pen and worlds begin,
Never fails to draw me in
With lines and swirls she fills the page
Watch as she imaginates
Manic monkeys with funky hats,
Giant lions and after that,
Burning bright as the poet’s flame
Rainbow Tiger in the Rain!
I’d like to find a way to stay
Inside the world that she creates
Colors, flavors juxtaposed
Dinosaurs in party clothes
Treasures hid in a fallen log
Talking cookies and chocolate frogs,
Golden ponies with silver manes
Rainbow Tiger in the Rain!
Don’t lose that vision, hold it in your fist –
The world will say there’s nothing in the mist
Her Viking helmet shining bright
And Braveheart Hannah by her side
Emma wants to have some fun
So Audrey shows her how it’s done
Leo’s dressed up like Kylo Ren
Kai-kun riding a shinkansen
Join in Chloe’s bold refrain:
Rainbow Tiger in the Rain!

Better Than A Dream (For Nancy)

Dave Solo- Guitars, Vocals/ Ellie Cruze- Vocals/ Sara Gibson- Cello

Late at night
I listen to you breathing
I should sleep, but watching you at peace
Is better than a dream
Close my eyes
And I can see you smiling
All we’ve done, whatever is to come
Is better than a dream
It’s not like we’re inventing love
As each youthful couple seems to feel they’ve done
They’re drunk on their fermenting love
Time is blending our love into one
Paradise –
it’s only advertising
For those inclined to waiting in a line
In someone else’s dream
In your eyes –
The only truth I’m buying
Joy-infused, intelligent, amused
And deeper than a dream
I’ve lost sight
Of things I once believed in
But I’m sure our promise will endure
Longer than a dream
All we’ve done, whatever is to come
Is better than a dream

No Use Trying

Dave Solo, Vocals, Percussion/ Donn Deniston, Drums/
Rod Johnson, Vocals/ Damien Hyde-Saxophone/ Dave Roof-Bass, Guitar, Piano, Trumpet, Vocals, Horn and vocal arrangements

I don’t have to stay till the end of the show,
I already know how the story will go,
It ends up when the guy starts to grovel,
I think I read this novel before.

No use trying, no woman, no crying
I don’t have any time that I’m willing to waste
It’s something that I’m not prepared to replace,
So I’m gonna skip introductions,
Slip the repercussions to come.
No use trying, no woman, no crying
Almost caught me staring as I was preparing to go
Couldn’t be certain of the view—perhaps just a glint,
The tiniest hint of steel showing through
Wouldn’t think that I would need to be reminded again,
Beauty often hides a sting – I wasn’t alert,
Didn’t think I could be hurt; I lost everything.
No use trying, no woman, no crying
She said that she was sad that I’m always alone,
But that’s the only safe space that I’ve ever known.
I feel like I have to defend it, pretending that these walls aren’t thin,
Cause it could fall apart If I let her try to make it better again.
I’m gonna fall apart if I let her try to make it better again.

Talking Jack Kevorkian Blues

Dave Solo- Guitar, Vocal, Percussion/ Donn Deniston, Drums/Dave Roof- Standup Bass, Organ

Well I woke up late this morning and I looked into the mirror
And what I saw there filled me with an unreasoning fear
My cheery disposition just had vanished to the South,
I was down around the eyes and ears as well as in the mouth
And checking my reflection it was absolutely clear,
Something uglier than usual was happening right here
Well I’d never been accused of being much between the ears,
But what I saw that morning had me blinking back the tears
I knew that there was no way I could leave my little room
So I waited there for change until the early afternoon
And then I just accepted it, I became quite serene –
It was the worst attack of acne that I think I’ve ever seen
Well I called my Mom and Dad and my expensive lawyer, too
I left a message asking who exactly I could sue
My momma wasn’t talking, she was being quite obscure
She was laughing hard or crying, I was never really sure
My lawyer called and said she knew a doctor, but was loath
To tell me what his name was ‘cause I couldn’t afford them both
Well a doctor’s what is needed, said my daddy with a smile
And if he doesn’t fix you up, we’ll put that dude on trial!
But how’re we gonna find one who’s not in it for the fame?
That shouldn’t be a problem, I said, these guys are all the same
And picking up a phone book I prayed I wouldn’t get a dorky one –
I stuck my finger in it and came up with one named Jack Kevorkian
Well I dialed up his number so I could arrange a time
But first I had to listen to a message on the line
The music, it was soothing and some pretty lady’s voice
Came on to tell me I was making a courageous choice
And whether I was suffering from pain or just confusion,
Doctor Jack would have my back and bring my problems to conclusion.
Then the Doc came on the line and in a voice that I could trust
Explained his office was an old VW Microbus
He’d roll on by to pick me up about 8:17
Whereupon he’d hook me up to his patented machine
At the appointed time he drove up and I jumped into the van
He started sticking needles in my arms and in my hands.
When he finished doing that he started grinning like a goblin
He said You push that button, boy, your face won’t be a problem!
And as I was reaching out he said I don’t blame you a bit,
And on your death certificate I’ll enter ‘Killed by Zits.’
Whatchoo talking death? I said, you Hippocratic chump!
I thought that that was medicine to take away my lumps
I can see you’re one of those, he said, who can’t make up your mind
But fortunately, I have lots of practice with your kind
Your life can’t be worth living, I can tell as your physician
So I brought along remote control to help with your decision!
Well I knocked it from his hand, and we were rolling on the floor
When just the 43 police came bustin’ through the door
Well I never was so glad to see a cop, I must confess,
Until I learned that they were agents of the IRS
They didn’t like the way I took my tax return and shot it,
So they were there to treat me to a good old fashioned audit.
They were disappointed by the way I disregard instructions,
So right away they disallowed my charitable deductions
I went over to the guy in charge and tried to interrupt,
I wanted him to meet that Doctor lurking in the truck
But Doctor Death had lost control, he had me in his sights
So I just took off running and he chased me through the night
I’ve been running ever since, with death and taxes in the chase,
But all I ever think about’s these pimples on my face.

All Music/Lyrics © Dave Solo 2019
All rights reserved.
Produced by Mike Gentry with Dave Roof
Engineered by Dave Roof -

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