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Goes So Fast

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

This is an autobiographical account of my life, containing all the wisdom I’ve managed to accumulate in 66 years. It’s about three minutes long and I repeat myself a lot…

Ellie Cruze is singing harmony, Dave Roof is on bass and Donn Deniston plays drums. It was thrilling to be in their “band” for a few hours during the recording of these songs.

Dave “Bud” Budzinski is playing a couple tracks with iconic electric guitars featuring his own meticulously engineered pickups. We played together in a band more than thirty years ago. Every week he’d have a new modification in his guitar, trying everything he could think of to get it to sound “just right.” He still does that.

It goes so fast.

Photo by my old friend Steve Dawson in the aftermath of the hit and run incident mentioned in the song. Dig the crutch and the cigarette... Nancy and I determined that week to stay together.

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